Illustration for Printed in Blood's "Halloween" artbook

My first licensed piece of art work for the Halloween franchise and part of Printed in Blood’s Halloween art book collaborative.

Detail of illustration for Printed in Blood's "Halloween" artbook

I remember seeing this as a kid and being scared out of my wits…John Carpenter changed the face of horror with this film and made a lifelong fan of the genre. Jamie Lee Curtis became a star through her performance in this film, while Michael Myers forever became associated with Halloween. 

Detail of illustration for Printed in Blood's "Halloween" artbook

My inspiration for this piece was Magritte’s surrealistic images of bright skies of darkened streets and buildings. The Strode house was created in Illustrator and then painted as the base of the image. Michael’s face was painted using custom cloud brushes I created specifically for this concept. 

You can purchase a copy of the book through Printed in Blood’s website as well as a print of this image from our friends at Poster Posse – that link will go live in a few days so check back for updates.

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