Portrait of Marilyn Monroe (nee Norma Jean Baker)

Portrait of the glamorous Marilyn Monroe at the apex of her career as the platinum blonde who influenced generations of actors. There are few peers that have impacted not only the film industry, but also popular culture like the late Marilyn Monroe. From her early days in Hollywood to the stardom that followed her to death, she is an iconic symbol of Hollywood and America. 

Detail of portrait of Marilyn Monroe (nee Norma Jean Baker)

Years ago, I had the pleasure of befriending a photographer who was a friend of Marilyn. He told such wonderful stories about her and those heydays in Hollywood. I had the chance to hear first-hand about how lovely she was as a person and how much she meant to those that knew her.

His stories about her warmth, spirit, and their enduring friendship were captivating. It was wonderful to hear personal accounts of this legendary icon from an old friend. May we all have friends who speak so kindly about us to others.

This portrait was created using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. It is comprised of patterns, masks, and channel operations define the portrait. The detailed image above, shows the abstract quality at close scale of the interplay of the layers of linework to build up chiaroscuro.

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