Portrait of Richard E. Grant as a Loki variant

Portrait of the great Richard E. Grant who portrays one of the variants in the Marvel Studios, Disney+ series Loki. It was such an unexpected version of Loki – the one I actually read as a child in the comic books so I was immediately in love with those horns on his helmet and the nod to Jack Kirby’s 1970’s psychadelia. 

The video shows a bit of the illustration and some of the intaglio detailing that gets lost in the image compression used in the .jpg format. 

Detail of portrait of Richard E. Grant as a Loki variant

This detailed portion shows a bit of the linework that adds some texture to the illustration and provides a bit of depth to the portrait. 

This image was created using custom patterns and brushes in Adobe Illustrator, Corel Painter, and Adobe Photoshop. 

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