Portrait of Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones

Working on a portrait of the eternal bad-ass, Harrison Ford, in one of his many iconic roles – Indiana Jones. This film, on the heels of Star Wars cemented Harrison Ford’s legacy as a bona fide movie star and action hero. 

The video shows a bit of the piece in its unfinished state; exposing some of the details that seem to get lost in the compression used for sharing on the web.

Alternative Movie Poster for Indiana Jones

I also created a simple alternative movie poster using the portrait for an Indiana Jones serial film. In another era, we would have had numerous Indy films; Lucasfilm tried to stretch the storyline out with the Young Indiana Jones television series but Hollywood has changed over the years and blockbusters were favored over series. Although with the Marvel Cinematic Universe those two are no longer mutually exclusive.

Final portrait of Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones

Final portrait of Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones, combining a plethora of custom brushes, patterns, and channel operations to recreate a likeness.

These portraits were created using Adobe Illustrator, Corel Painter, and Adobe Photoshop.

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