A sampling of some recent paintings created using traditional and digital methods for clients, collectors, and partners as well as for personal expression. 

Do you draw these by hand?

Although everything starts with a sketch, much of the work ends up digitally using tools like Illustrator, Photoshop, and Painter. 

Batman, The Dark Knight


Everything Starts With a Sketch

I have carried sketchbooks around with me since I was a kid. Not much has changed in my career as everything I do, regardless of application design or illustration, begins with thumbnails and sketching. 

Sketching tools


Digital, Traditional, or both?

Once a composition has been completed, I then decide what medium to complete the illustration. Lately, I have been working a lot in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop for much of my painting work. This involves establishing a base composition in Illustrator and then painting within Photoshop. 

To do this, I often use a combination of custom brushes, my own and ones I have collected over time, as well as painting using XP-PEN tablet and mouse. I will also use channel operations within Photoshop to finalize the illustration, which might include special effects and/or lighting. 

Sample Paintings

Hayley Atwell as Agent Peggy Carter from the Marvel Cinematic Universe
Portrait of Vision, from the Marvel Cinematic Universe
Samurai Deadpool
Portrait of Chadwick Boseman
Portrait of Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley from Alien
Preview image of Brendan Fraser as Rick O'Connell in "The Mummy"

For more illustrations, you can also check out my portfolio dedicated to illustration work here.

Vector Illustrations

Vector Illustrations

Vector Illustration

Using tools like Adobe Illustrator to bring ideas to life.

Vector-based tools

There are still very few tools with the depth of the classic Adobe Illustrator, but there is a lot of companies that work with Adobe to extend functionality to their tools and provide greater flexibility to artists. 

Batman illustrative icon

Vector or Bitmap?

If you can create essentially the same illustration in any application, how do you choose one over another?

Vector or bitmap is a critical decision for any illustration as you consider how the work may be used in the future. Although tools have blurred the key differentiators recently, there are still major differences to the tools like Illustrator or Photoshop.

A vector-based application using mathematical calculations to determine, say the arc of your line-work where a bitmap program uses actual pixels based on where and how long your line may be. If you are planning on using the work for a single intended purpose, this is usually not a concern.

However, if you plan on scaling the work up for magazines, t-shirts, billboards, etc. a vector program provides greater flexibility for using your artwork across these outputs. Scaling a mathematical line will render that line perfectly, regardless of size but scaling a bitmap line will introduce noise to the work and make it appear blurry or dirty. 

Vector programs are also used quite a bit for typography and publishing projects. Although bitmap applications can certainly handle fonts, Illustrator offers a lot more control of letterforms for page layout and font creation.

Mattel Electronics Football Game


Plugins extend the functionality of specific software that enhances its capabilities and helps an artist to remain efficient and effective when producing artwork. 

You can find plugins for virtually any industry that streamline the handoff from artist to production staff. I use a set of plugins for much of my work from the great team at Astute Graphics. These plugins range from texture creation to file health and have proven quite indispensible for my workflow.

Sample illustrations

Space Mountain illustrated poster
Mickey Mouse v.1
Ibanez Tube Screamer Poster




Developing apps has always included the creation of icons for the project. With the introduction of the iOS and the app store, icon development has become an art unto itself. I have worked on innumerable icons over the years range from highly stylized to ultra-realistic and I enjoy the challenges that the format requires.

The constraints placed on the design of application icons for mobile devices has become an industry in and of itself. I enjoy these constraints and have even extended these restrictions to conceptual illustrations for several of my passion projects.These are some of my favorite recent icons.

Donald Duck

disney vacation account

disney vacation account

Disney Vacation Account

This was a new concept for The Walt Disney Company and it built upon other crowd funding and saving concepts in the marketplace. With so many millions of people around the world self-described as Disney fanatics who plan every vacation to one of the various Disney Parks and Resorts around the world, this program was designed to allow these Disney super-fans a chance to integrate Disney into every aspect of their vacation planning.

The Disney Vacation Account was a way to estimate your perfect Disney vacation, set up a contribution schedule, and save for that special Disney holiday. 

The program also allowed your friends and family to help you reach your goals by sending the account holders Disney gift cards which they could deposit into their Disney Savings Account.

I was involved in the project from the concerting phase through the launch. We worked with multiple business partners across Disney’s enterprise to ensure the product met the stringent quality requirements from a legal, branding, and corporate sponsorship level.  

We developed journeys for our customers to create a site that would mirror the established vacation planning activities a Disney super-fan uses to plan their cherished Disney vacation. It was important to acknowledge these customers established rituals and processes as we refined the product to ensure it enhanced their excitement as they counted down the days to their arrival at the Disney property of their choosing.  

As part of the concept, we engaged with a Disney animator to develop the style and feel of the Duck family – who were our key personalities being used for the program. After all, who better to speak to savings than our very own Scrooge McDuck and his nephews: Huey, Duey, and Louie.

These Disney characters were part of the site journey as well as integral to the email communications between the program and its members. As part of the journey and communications strategy, there were a series of cartoon strips created to help reinforce the excitement of saving and planning the members’ DVA-Email-04-Final vacations. 

Disney Vacation Account
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Disney Vacation Account Homepage

How the Disney Vacation Account Works

Disney Vacation Account Budget Estimator

How to Open Your Vacation Account

Disney Vacation Account Email Template



iOS + Mobile Development

I have been designing and programming iOS apps since the program began. Although I do not have a computer science background, I do have a strong will to push the boundaries between art and technology and continue to expand my talents in coding with every project.

Having worked on the web prior to the advent of the iOS, I am fully aware of the impacts of delivering a mobile-friendly site, a fully responsive solution as well as the level of effort required to deliver completely native mobile applications.

One of my strengths in the iOS framework is my interest in MapKit, location-based awareness and even augmented reality.

I have also worked with numerous companies developing apps for internal, commercial and promotional uses for mobile, tablet, web (SaaS) and desktop apps.

Role: Product management, creative direction, UX design, UI design, iOS programming in Obj-C, HTML/CSS/Javascript programming, editorial, promotions