Empire Shadow Trooper helmet

Some days are better than others. And then some days, you got nothing. Feeling incredibly unmotivated, I turned to one of my favorite themes, “Star Wars“. Using my creative block as an opportunity to illustrate solely with my intaglio technique in creating this portrait of the classic Shadow Trooper helmet. 

Detail of Empire Shadow Trooper helmet

I wanted to further experiment with this technique and the stark design and contrast of the black Shadow Trooper helmet from Star Wars gave me the perfect canvas to play on. 

Alternative movie poster for "Star Wars: A New Hope"

I started to like the look and how similar it seemed to a woodcut print. I used the portrait as the base for a Star Wars alternative movie poster and used the Aurebesh font as an homage to the great Japanese wood prints I admire. 

These portraits were created using Adobe Illustrator, Corel Painter, and Adobe Photoshop.

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