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Portrait of a Xenomorph from Aliens

I have written about my love for the Alien franchise multiple times and have worked on several pieces over the years. However, I have never worked on any licensed work until now…

Detail of portrait of a Xenomorph from Aliens

As part of the 35th Anniversary of the film PrintedInBlood put together a collaborative art project with artists around the globe to create a visual celebration of this science-fiction classic and published by Titan Books

Portrait of face hugger from Aliens

I submitted several illustrations for the book and although a few were rejected, these two illustrations were selected to be part of the compendium. The Xenomorph Warrior at the top of the page and the Facehugger hatching from the egg.  

Detail of facehugger from Aliens

I am thrilled to be part of this collaborative project and proud to have 2 licensed pieces of Aliens artwork to add to my body of work. You can buy the book through the Titan Books store

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