Portrait of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

Portrait of Hugh Jackman in his iconic role as The Wolverine, James Howlett, or more simply, Logan. It is difficult to imagine any other actor portraying this character since Hugh Jackman has inhabited this character for 17 years. 

Detail of portrait of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

This portait was created using custom brushes and patterns while trying to combine the traditional digital technique I have used for many portraits with the newer intaglio techniques in order to give more texture or grit to the piece. In the detailed image above, you can see the combination of these layers on this piece.  

Alternative movie poster of The Wolverine

I have also created an alternative movie poster using the portrait as the base of the concept to share along with the movie poster community at PosterSpy

You can see the work in progress in the above linked clip from YouTube. These illustrations were created using Corel Painter, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop.

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