Tiny planet image of the Star Tours attraction in the Disney Hollywood Studios

Back in 2011, when I began writing The Elements of Magic, I wanted to include as much immersive material in the iBook as possible and at the same time I was just beginning to create panoramic imagery.

As I explored the method of creating these sweeping vistas, I also discovered a way to manipulate them into appearing as tiny planets; this is done by presenting an equirectangular panoramic image in a stereographic projection. 

Tiny planet of the Magic of Disney Animation attraction in the Disney Hollywood Studios

These images were created using a series of images shot on a specific tripod mount and stitched together to create the panorama. Once the panorama was created, the images were retouched and specific panorama within the image were highlighted to become the central feature of the image; for example, the AT-AT coming through the trees in front of Star Tours was enlarged to showcase the impact it has on a guest walking up to this attraction. 

MuppetVision in 3-D tiny planet in the Disney Hollywood Studios.

At present I have several dozen of these images and I would like to continue working through the series. I had purchased a new 360 camera at the beginning of 2020 to being working through the new Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge land in the Studios when the pandemic hit and locked everything down. Once we return to a new sense of normalcy I will begin expanding the series, but until then I will work through the existing series and share them here on the site. 

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