Portrait of Bill Paxton as Hudson from aliens

Let’s celebrate Alien Day with the latest round of rejections for an upcoming project. Printed in Blood is producing a new art book to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the release of Aliens.  

Since this is one of my favorite franchises, I submitted several new illustrations for the book – these three did not make the cut so I thought I would share them here to celebrate #AlienDay.

Portrait of Ellen Ripley, from Aliens

The fact that I was able to get two new pieces into the upcoming release softens the blow of these rejections. And honestly, there are so many talented folks in these books I am quite appreciative to have my art work included. 

Illustration of the Alien Queen from Aliens

The book is set to be released later this year, sometime after the Halloween art book and I will have prints available of the pieces that made it into the books. 

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