Iron Man with gold leaf print

Further experimentation with the age-old technique of metal, or gold, leaf application to imagery. Using some giclee prints of my recent illustrations as the basis for these tests to combine the ancient with the modern.

There are certain considerations to take into account on the application of the leaf to the image areas. I am not using traditional bolle as the adhesive, but a liquid glue to adhere the leaf to the paper. Finding the right consistency of glue in the application as well as the most appropriate time for the glue to dry before applying the leaf are the answers I am seeking with these tests. 

One of the other items I am exploring is the use of burnising and polishing of the leaf after the glue has dried fully. There are inconsistencies in such a laborious process, but I am slowly relearning some of the techniques taught in my bookbinding classes at university. I plan on continuing with some of these experiments in service to some larger pieces which I will share on the site. 

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