Portrait of the Batman

As I continue to transpose my traditional painting background to digital I experiment with brushes, tonality, and a variety of techniques designed to replicate what I am capable of using traditional mediums, like paint, pastels, and charcoals, within the digital realm. 

Portrait of Spider Gwen from the Spiderverse

I am getting closer to my intent with these portraits of the Batman and Spider Gwen, but there is still more to do from my perspective. I feel that I have progressed far with these techniques throughout this year and the pandemic as I try to turn some of this year’s events into some sort of positive but there is still more to learn and explore. I will continue to explore new techniques while refining those that I feel are supportive of the natural medias I am trying to replicate with these illustrations. 

These portraits were created using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop with custom brushes. 

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