Yoda portrait

This is a portrait of the Jedi Master Yoda, in his swamp on the planet Dagobah. I remember getting The Art of Star Wars books as a kid and drawing and redrawing all of the concepts from development of the films. One of the most detailed drawings I did was of Yoda, this mysterious creature. Out of all of the recent portrait work, I have been wanting to revisit a portrait of yoda and feel this captures a little bit of the spirit of this amazing character. 

Yoda, a Star Wars Story movie poster

Since Yoda is such an important character to the Star Wars mythology, imagine if Lucasfilm made a movie, much like Rogue One, that sit in between Episode IV and Episode V which delved more into Yoda’s backstory.

They could really explore a bit more about his history and culminate it with his involvement in Empire Strikes Back while also introducint whom would become The Child in The Mandalorian series as well. This would tie these arcs more directly to each other while respecting the original intent of the films.  

As with most of my recent illustrations, this portrait was created using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. 




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