Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, like most families, we have been quarantining in our home for months. I am usually the only one who ventures out for the necessities, but I had heard about Damn Good Donuts (DG Donuts) from a friend and thought it might be a fun little trip.  

They are located on Highway 50 inside a Chevron gas station, but don’t let that dissuade you from visiting them. We showed up at the end of the day and there was still a nice selection for us to choose from; since we were new, we tried a few donuts and we were not disappointed. 

The Unicorn Horn was a cinnamon style yeast donut that was one of the best in the lot (although, honestly they were all delicious) but the standout was the peach filled donut (bottom left in the first picture). It was a combination peach pie and donut and was as good as you could imagine. The other items in that box are a chocolate glazed, chocolate sprinkle, and an oreo caramel thing of decadence and not one of them was a misfire. 

 The Biggie-Smalls, second picture, is a huge donut that comes in its own box nearly as large as the box in the first picture and it was great. It was a traditional yeast donut with a strawberry frosting and a smaller donut on top with a dark chocolate covering. 

 I  can’t eat there everyday, but DG Donuts is a great treat. If you are in Central Florida, please support this local business. You can find Damn Good Donuts at 16131 W Colonial Dr, Oakland, FL 34787








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