christmas vacation

Caricature of Clark Griswold from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

This time of year, I try to leave some space for relaxing with my family and enjoying the holidays. Invariably, we spend a lot of time watching Christmas movies and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is always on the watch list. 

This is a doodle of Chevy Chase, as Clark Griswold, when he sees the house all lit up with a grand total of 25,000 imported Italian twinkle lights!

I have been playing around with caricature and transposing some of my traditional skills to digital. Although, there is still much to work through to get to a place where I am happy, this little sketch has a couple of nuggets in the right places. 

Regardless, it is a time to be thankful, peaceful, and joyous. Happy holidays and a Happy New Year. 



Collaboration with Hydro74

Hydro74 is one of the best illustrators working in the industry today. His skill with line work in Illustrator has no peer. This past week he posted an open collaboration on his instagram account. Being an admirer of his work I jumped at the chance to work on this fun project.

HIs themes for this project was based around one of his skull illustrations; and what goes great with skulls? Why Deadpool of course.

It is great to work together with other creative professionals on projects, both real and diversionary. I plan to do more of this in the coming months as these opportunities open up in the community.

rebel scum

rebel scum

I am continuing to work on these sketch portraits throughout the week. I find I am most productive on Friday evenings after a full work week and the family has gone to bed. I can experiment and focus on some new technique and themes, then awaken on a Saturday morning to finish some of these thoughts.

This image is from Empire Strikes Back and has Luke sitting in the cockpit of his X-Wing fighter. Empire is probably the best of all the Star Wars movies and probably in no small part to the marvelous direction of Irvin Kershner. George Lucas was great at directing the phenomenal action sequences of the original Star Wars film, but it was Kershner that directed the actors, like Mark Hamill, to bring out the lifeblood of these rebel scum.

I am happy with some of the progress I am making with these experiments and have been working on larger concepts to create paintings and illustrations that can help expand the current projects in queue. If you would like to work together, please contact me here.

the punisher

the punisher

Planet Pulp is an online gallery that highlights a pop-culture theme every month. As part of their “rogue’s gallery, we choose how we illustrate that theme every month which is then posted to the Planet Pulp website, twitter, and instagram.

This month’s theme is “bingeworthy Netflix shows”. Since I have just finished The Punisher, I chose to do a stylized poster of the show’s main character, Frank Castle, and his signature skull.

The top image is the finished piece. The second image, however, is the complete Frank Castle portrait I illustrated before designing the final poster. The illustration began in vector format, roughing out the character. Once I had the basics, I began painting the larger bitmap file. Once that asset was finished, it was all laid out in concert with the iconic skull to create the final poster.

Please feel free to contact me about working together on commissions or other projects.

general organa

general organa

Last painting of my 20178-2018 winter vacation. Despite most everyone in the family being sick over a majority of the holiday and losing: my printer, my digital tablet, a backup hard drive, and my eyeglasses this was still a relaxing vacation.

Loads to do in this new year, but this portrait of Carrie Fisher as General Organa is the last painting of my time off over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Looking forward to all that the new year has to offer and if you want to work together drop me a line through my contact form, or catch me through instagram or twitter.