The Millennium Falcon at Smuggler's Run
X-34 Landspeeder in the garage at Batuu

When I first heard that they were going to expand the concept of a Star Wars land at The Walt Disney World Resort, I knew I wanted to shoot real film of the environments. And not just film, but chrome imagery so that I could use a stash of valuable Fuji FP100c film and make “Polaroid” transfers, or image transfers at this point. 

There is special quality to the grain of film that evokes the era in which these films were shot and I wanted to pay homage to a galaxy far away. Then the pandemic hit and I had only been able to take one trip with my vintage mission – but these are some of the images I captured that day. 

I am hopeful to get back to the park but until then, the 4 rolls of Kodak film I shot will provide the source for some new image transfers. 


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