Batman, The Dark Knight

I grew up as a Marvel-kid, still am actually but like so many folks I still have a fondness for the Dark Knight. Batman was DC’s version of the millionaire crime-fighter that Marvel obviously copped for Tony Stark.

Over the decades, Batman’s stories did not really keep up with the changing society; that was until Frank Miller began working on this character. His work on The Dark Knight Returns is one of the greatest graphic novels with no equivocation. This book has had immeasurable impact upon our popular culture since it was published.  

Concept comic book cover for Batman The Dark Knight

I remember reading the series in college and being amazed at his take on Batman and became a huge fan of both the character and Frank Miller. This illustration, created in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, is a complete cop of Batman from those books and a bit of my homage to this hugely influential artist. 

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