Wonder Woman deflecting a hail of bullets

Over this past year I have focused much of my free time to traditional illustrations. My development projects are large-scale, enterprise-wide applications that offer loads of productive development but not as much creative freedom.

These side sketches and spot illustrations have allowed me to refine the transposition of my traditional painting background to the digital realm. There is still much to work through and nothing will beat the feel of paper and canvas for me, but the ability to work in both “mediums” is a necessary requirement for artists today.

The image of Wonder Woman is taken from a scene in the movie where she storms the German line, leading her band of troops to victory. I continue to enjoy this movie and feel it is the most successful DC-based comic movie since the Dark Knight trilogies.

The piece started out as a simple vector illustration and evolved through painting and channel operations in the bitmap editor. I will continue to work on these sketches in the new year. If you have an upcoming project and you need a partner, please contact me and let’s talk.