As I continue to transpose my traditional training into a clear digital painting counterpart, I am experimenting with different portraits. This one is Mark Hamill and tries to capture a look that spans his years in the public eye. This piece, like many of my recent spot illustrations, began as a simple vector drawing to place the structure of the face. From there, I began painting the portrait using a couple of different bitmap programs; incorporating painting techniques with composition effects as the layers of the image was built. This illustration is closer to the image I have in my mind than the last version of Mark’s portrait I did. There are some nice traditional effects that I have been able to capture while also leveraging the digital space in the manner I had hoped. I will continue to work through techniques and portraits as I evolve and converge my hand-skills and digital chops.

If you want to work together on a project or have an idea for a commission, please feel free to contact me here.