Scout Trooper

The Empire Strikes Back is arguably the best movie in the Star Wars filmography. Directed by the legendary Irvin Kershner, it is the second film produced in the ongoing Star Wars saga.

Continuing with their technological achievements from the first, the team that produced the film extended the Strormtrooper designs to match the destinations used in the film. One of these planets was the Forest Moon of Endor, or Tana, and it has one of the best chase scenes in any of the films between these new Scout Troopers and Luke and Leia.

They filmed the scene in the Redwoods Forests of Northern California at 3/4 speed using Steadicams; once the footage was played back at 30X normal speed the casual walk through the forest became the plates for the high speed chase between the Empire and our heroes in the resistance. According to Garrett Brown, the cameraman for this sequence, for every 1,000 feet walked created only 16 feet of film footage.

I have a series of Star Wars helmets that are in production and this is an early version of the first concept. There will be more to come and if you have a favorite helmet that you want to see in this series, drop me a quick note here.